Perry surfing at D&W... that is a jetty in Playa Del Rey.
Above right with the Evolution surfboard he made.

circa 1968-70

Photos supplied by Tom Stanton
"Well, here it is another Veterans Day.... and on this day my thoughts always turn to Perry. Perry and I both got drafted back in 65 and we both went down to the LA Induction Center where we took our physicals.... I made it, but because of Perry's childhood accident with a big pipe, he didn't.

I went into the Army, went to Viet Nam and came back home in 68. Well some time passed, a few years rolled by when on one Veterans Day I got a phone call from Perry... thanking me, recognizing me for being a Vet. And since then, every year, Perry would call me on Veterans Day thanking me for the service I did for our country.

Perry was the only one, the only person that ever called or thanked me... recognized me for what I went through. Not even my closest family members or friends ever did that.. not even one time, but Perry faithfully called me every year on Veterans Day. Even in his darkest times he would never fail... and now, today.... for the first time the phone did not ring.

I will never forget Perry and what he did for me on every Veterans Day.... I will miss him."

Tom Stanton